Too much information
My interpretation of our time, what do we see? What do we perceive? Showcased in "Your Exhibition Shot" 5.-7. Nov. 2020 at Stills Centre for Photography,
Why not? Eat your pasta with other cutlery, it can be fun! Showcased in "Best of Black & White" 13.-15. Nov. 2020 at BBA Gallery ,Berlin
Sunflower sunset
Such splendid colors can only be found in nature! Showcased in "Our Amazing Planet" 03.-06. Dec. 2020 at Kontrast Galleri ,Stockholm
Stormy weather
Climatic changes everywhere, we don''t know what we do with our planet. Showcased in "Art of Black & White" 03.-06. Dec. 2020 at Kontrast Galleri ,Stockholm
Lift me up, lift me up high from the ground... Showcased in "Street Photography" 21..-26. Jan.. 2021 at Matca Gallery ,Hanoi
Alone in the meadow I have to wait for rain, storm, sun, moon and you...Showcased in "Art of Photography" 15..-17. Jan.. 2021 at Valid World Hall,Barcelona
The crows, birds in the urban environment
Fascinating, impressive and very intelligent.Showcased in "Photographer of the Year" 11.-13. Feb.. 2021 at Agora Gallery NYC
We have so many things to tell!Showcased in "Storytelling" 26.-28. Feb.. 2021 at Espaco Espelho Dàqua gallery, Lisbon Portugal