About Me

I hear a song and images arise in my head. With the song Nightswimming by REM,  in my imagination, I see the dark lake at night, where a man refreshes himself - with Chandelier by Kathie Perry I see her swinging on the chandelier. Lol!  With you too?

In additionto the pictures, there comes automatically the emotion, joy, suffering, hatred,or love arise.

When taking photos, I capture moments and their emotions. Whether a family celebration, a portrait-or a landscape, everything gives us the opportunity to make countless moments and their memories of people, places and encounters unforgettable and valuable with the help of the pictures.

I have been living and taking photos for 18 years with a lot of joy, mainly in Vienna,Austria. Of course, my equipment is always with me - when I travel.

Photography is my passion. I am constantly looking for the optimal picture and the perfect moment. I like to go new ways and express my feelings, about topics that currently concern me, in my experimental work.

I would be delighted if you would accompany me on my way and come back to my website again and again.